Welcome to the world of Robert Stein Architectural Photography, where the convergence of art and architecture unfolds through the lens of a masterful storyteller. With an eye finely attuned to the interplay of light, form, and space, Robert Stein captures the essence of structures, both iconic and humble, in a way that transcends mere documentation and enters the realm of artistic expression.

In each frame, Robert Stein transforms spaces into works of art, showcasing the intricate interplay of design, light, and atmosphere. Whether it’s the grandeur of a historic building, the intimacy of an inviting interior, or the breathtaking vistas captured from above with drone photography, his images breathe life into the places they portray.

Robert Stein’s portfolio is a testament to his expertise in architectural photography, interior photography, location photography, drone photography, and building photography. Robert Stein has been providing photographic services to the leading Builders, Developers, Architects, Interior Designers, Publications, Hotels, Resorts, and Advertising Agencies. Robert serves clients throughout Florida and the Southeast. Robert has contributed his photography to corporate, advertising, and editorial projects nationally and internationally. He was named Professional Photographer of the Year in 1988 by the Florida American Institute of Architects. His work has received for his clients major design awards regionally and nationally. Robert is FAA-licensed for remote drone photography. 


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